Osmo, first thoughts

I’m not riding as much as I like. Maybe an odd start to a review, but it’s apparent that far too many reviews on focus on the epic and not the everyday. I’m riding at best a couple of times a week. Since using Osmo my longest ride has been 95km, and most of my rides have been around the 50km mark whenever I’ve managed to get out.

In many respects I’m sure that this reality is similar for many busy people. So, my experiences are this so far. Osmo has a light taste, almost bland, lacking in taste when tried especially for the first time off the bike. On the bike the subtle flavour makes more sense and the fact that it’s not over sweet and heavy works well. You just can’t help but to quaff it down as it feels like is quenching your thirst.

Science aside, it’s always the taste that shapes whether you’ll consume enough of (whatever) liquid to do its required job. Due to its low carb nature you’ll need to use solid foods as fuel to keep the engine going and that in itself has been a new education into older eating habits. Years ago I used real foods, no energy bars, and mainly water. Fast forward I’m now mixing the hitech hydration with as much natural foods as possible on the bike.

It’s working for me. So much so that on rides up to 50km I just need to use two bottles, and for the rides above that some food, be it waffles, 9Bars or such things. What I have done is not use Gels after reading the Osmo info. This has initially been hard on the first few rides, but using blocks and chews has been helpful to get quick energy into the system. I believe that because when you eat the saliva produced helps aid the digestion and maybe become part of the process in keeping the gut a bit more neutral. It’s rebooted my system on rides as I’m now fueling differently and for me it’s working.

I’m not gong to pretend it’s made me faster on rides, I couldn’t say with any real confidence that I am, and to believe a food alone outside of consistent training, diet and sleep would is just foolish talk. But what I can say is I feel less bloated, tired and hungry, and because of those reasons I’m going to keep using it and will report later on in the summer when I’ve had chance to use the Pre-Load properly to gain a measure of its true impact.

Anyhow, I’d recommend Osmo for taste and hydration benefits, especially if you struggle with stomach issues or are looking for something to stop you bonking without overloading your system with loads of sugars.



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