Spring has (nearly) Sprung

Strange Winter has been, wet, very windy and just down right miserable. Us Brits are renowned the world over for talking about the weather. It tends to dominate talk at most times of the year, and if you think about it often it’s used as a conversation opener.

The connection to cycling is a symbiotic relationship it that it’s provided a whole wardrobe of layering possibilities. From lightweight highly breathable summer jerseys to clever garments like the Gabba, through to the warmest thermal tights and Goretex jackets, the weather pushes garment innovation to deal with our need to ride, regardless of the weather.

What I’ve been really impressed with this winter is two distinct product areas which has caused me to rethink how I dress my upper body in the magic 6*c zone. Previously is have worn a warmer softshell like an Espresso Due from Castelli. But I’ve been using both a Castelli Trasparente Jersey (it’s really in between a jersey and a jacket) and a Assos J.haBu5 is another piece which is that in between garment.

Okay both of these are top end garments, but the principal of using a much warmer base layer than I normally would combined with the partial protection (read windproofing in critical key areas) allows you to actually remain warmer, reduce bulk and wick away moisture in a more effective manner.

I’d really recommend you give it a go. Keeping the core warmer by making the first layer deal with warmth and wicking has been a revelation, but only in part with the advancements in both base layers and the partial protection jerseys & jackets that are now available to buy. The best thing is that as the weather warms up you can change your base layer to change the thermal properties of your upper body wear.

Have fun, play around with it, but give in a try.




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