Osmo in Town

Well, very soon to be exact. I got to try this at Interbike last year and was suitable impressed with the taste, or should I say the lack of overbearing taste.

The guys at 2pure have given me a few sachets but I’m going to get some more, this is good stuff and I find it incredibly easy to drink on or off the bike. This is a massive plus for me as with many other powders I don’t hydrate well enough on the bike, which is never a great move.

There’s a men’s and women’s formula to best suit the needs of the athlete. I like this, I think it’s smart thinking. That in itself makes it an interesting brand, combine that with their Pre and Post drinks it looks like this will be an interesting process to be part of.

So it’s going to take a little readjustment as previously I’d look to get a lot of my carbs from drinks and gels, whereas with only 9g of carbs in a bottle I’ll need to get the bulk of my carbs from solid foods and start to avoid gels. I’ve got to spend some time reading through the whole site to get my head around this, but I really think it’s worth a try to absorb the scientific theories behind the brand.

What I’m going to do is start this journey in earnest come March and I’ll look to ride this exclusively for a couple of months, to really test it, on rides, in training and while taking part in Sportives. Once I’ve lived with it for a while I’ll feed back some thoughts.




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