Long Distance Reflections

I was looking through some old posts and stumbled upon something I’d written a long time back, http://sprintingforsigns.posterous.com/reflection-663 , 2009 in fact on New Year’s Eve. So the original points I’ve copied over to draw reflection again. 

  1. Spend more time riding in Belgium. Not sure exactly how this is going to pan out. Whether it’ll be one big trip or a series of some long weekends. What I do know is I like the people and the roads are my idea of heaven.
  2. Lose that 6 kg that is killing me on the climbs. I’m never going to be a Twiggo, but a little lighter will be better.
  3. Spend more time riding with my family. This at times will be frustrating, as it won’t be this or that; but what it will be is quality time put into the investment bank of friendship and love. I would loved to have gone riding with my parents as a kid, I can’t rob my children of that memory.
  4. Sort a Summer commuting bike out. Don’t really want to ride the S2 to work, but I’d like to have a lighter machine compared to my Winter Surly.
  5. Blog more. I haven’t written enough this year, but will try to write more regularly.
  6. Get in touch with friends I have lost contact with. This is a whole Pandora’s box of possible good and bad experiences.

1 = R. That hasn’t worked out that well, March will change that this year. I miss being in the Benelux region. 
2 = R. In the time period yes I’d managed to hit my goal, but due to the accident back in September last year it is back, so back onto the kilogram loss trail. 
3 = R. This has been achieved and its something in the nicer weather we will deactivate more and more, although my Middle boys doesn’t seem too phased by it as long as he has the right kit on. 
4 = R. In the initial time period the answer was yes as I’d picked up something second hand which did the job. That recently died, so I’ll be looking for something else to fill that gap. 
5 = R. Mmm on my main blog the answers probably a No! But as I’ve two other blogs ( www.YouCantbuyLAND.tumblr.com and www.themonuments.posterous.com ) the answer is probably a Yes. 
6 = R. For those I’ve reconnected with, it’s been pretty cool. But I’ve decided I just need to make more of a general effort to see friends full stop. 

Some photos of trails and inspiration. 



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