Start as you mean to go on


It felt pretty cool today to get out on the bikes. It certainly wasn’t about speed, or distance, but it was about laying down a foundation stone for this year.

This year due to being busy, and then having my accident I’ve probably ridden the least since maybe 2001/2. It’s left me with thirst to get some more riding under my belt.

It felt completely emancipating to get out today, fresh, new and exciting. I think we all love the optimism that a new year brings, but what I am going to try to do is bring that down to a smaller level and have the same hope for the next month, week, and if I can manage it each day.

Tomorrow is another new day, it’s not planned yet, and is full of potential. That’s my hope, my prayer for 2013 to see the potential in the things, circumstances and people around me. I’m not always going to achieve this, but I’m going to give it a good go.

Thanks to my friends for sharing a ride with me today. Cheers Tony and John, here’s to lots of Soul Rides, and maybe a few really stupid ones.


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