Nutella Moka Latte


I love both coffee and Tea, but with coffee there’s a different level of creativity you can get to compared with tea.

So I created the Nutella Moka for my eldest boy after he’d tried a Moka when we were out once.

Basic Tips.

• Brew Espresso. I use a Moka Pot to give me the black gold.
• Pour in one shot of espresso. I use a six pot maker and there’s five of us so its pretty easy to gauge after time.
• Add a heaped teaspoon of Nutella, stir in until dissolved.
• I heat my milk, but as I don’t have a fancy milk frothier I use my now redundant French Press, yes really. I’ve worked it out that 20 compressions gives a velvety bubbly texture, prefect for latte or hot chocolate.
• Pour over the Coffee/Nutella liquid and serve immediately.

It’s a winner, I hope you enjoy it.



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