Big Silver

This pump from PDW (Portland Design Works) just looks perfect. I’ve not used One yet, but I was given a rear light last winter which was a revelation in quality and design, so it fills me with confidence to make the purchase.

If you’ve ever had to fix a puncture in the depths of winter there is truly nothing more soul destroying than using a less than adequate mini pump as your hands seem to spend an age pumping up the soft fresh tube.

Don’t get me wrong my mini pump is pretty good (its a Lezyne), delivering a flat to a pretty hard pressure in a few minutes. It’s just that with a longer barrel its easier as you get more air out per stroke which means you can get back on the bike quicker.

The reason I want to avoid a frame pump is that I want to have a balance of still been able to use a mount on it as you’ve always got both bottle cages free (on one bike I have it’s the only place that it fits securely).

Once I’ve bought one and used it, which no doubt will happen sooner than later under my current track record, I’ll give an update.


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