Sanremo Thermosuit – initial thoughts

The Sanremo concept is genius, why, I’ll try to explain. I’ve had chance to ride in the summer verison and have to testify to the fact that it’s not only quick (I know this as I clocked some of quickest times wearing it), but maybe the most important thing is the comfort.


I always check in on what the Professionals have to say over at and the comments section on the page has made me think of a quick response from somebody who’s ridden in the summer one, and tired on the winter one. Also as a buyer I have to make a selection based on loads of factors, and I hope I can answer some of the questions.


I think that’s a fair comment, and although you’d probably want to ride it all the time, I’d probably dig out some older kit for those dodgy days. Or, just avoid them and stick to the rollers or trainer.



The tempreature range is as follows on this garment. On the Castelli page for the garment you can find the temperature chart. 


What’s important to know is that the Sorpasso tight which the lower of the Sanremo Thermo is based on is rated at 0 °C  and as the upper doesn’t really have any thermo properties I can only imagine that it will go down a little further on the dial. The upper is based on the Trasperente Jersey with some tweaks and is rated at 10 °C, you can understand that some may be worried. Will it keep you warm, that’s such a dificult question to answer, and part of the answer is down to us. If you are going to be riding hard you’ll generate a lot of heat from your body as you work hard. It’s probably not a piece for soft tappers as you may want a warmer top piece if you are loading base miles at a steady speed. Base Layer choice can alter the operating temperature range more than you’d think and so opening up the windows of opportunity. If you get really cold you may need to carry a light wind or waterproof shell, just as you may with a regular two piece set up.



Believe it or not it’s far easier in a Sanremo suit to go for a pee. As the front piece is like having a regular pair of shorts/tights on, those calls of nature are much less hassle than in a regular bib. Take a look at the below pictures which show the upper portion open and you can clearly see the height of the waist band.



There has been some comments on the price of the garment, and I’ll try to cover these off. The Sanremo Thermo costs around the £250 mark, which isn’t an everyday purchase for most folks, but for a moment let’s break it down. The Sorpasso tight on which the lower is based on costs £150, which is pretty cheap (I know it’s relative!) due to the amazing comfort and performance of this kit. I’ve a pair from two years ago still performing the same as when I got them, so zero complaints from me. The Trasparente Jersey costs £145, so the two pieces together adding up to £295. So in real terms it works out cheaper to buy the suit, but you lose a little on maybe deep winter flexibilty. The other benefit that the two piece has over the Suit is that in the event of a crash it’ll be cheaper to replace the single item over the double. 

I think though that the performance benefits for some folks will outweigh any of the negative factors and I wouldn’t be surprised to see many of the folks that have bought the original Sanremo Speedsuit invest in the Winter version. Now if only they’d make one for Flanders I’d be sorted.



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