It’s part of the process

So I went to see the Physio at the hospital today to get my ankle assesed. The outcome is looking good overall, but the ligament and muscle damage isn’t fully healed as yet, but is on the way. I can’t as yet fully support my weight through the inside part of my foot and don’t really have a lot of strength in it as yet. With the exercises that he’s given me I should get the strength and flexibilitly back resonably soon.

So the big question, when can I get back on the bike. Rob (the Physio) was pretty positive about getting back on the bike. In the first instance this is going to have to be on the turbo trainer (no rollers) and I am not aloud as yet to ride out of the saddle. I have to take it steady and avoid getting excited and push myself as I could set it all back. I think I’ll probably just spend the initial period riding in this way until I’ve built the strength back up in the ankle area, plus if it hurts after twenty minutes or so I can just get off the bike and ice it if required.

So all in all a positive day as I can see some light at the end of the tunnel. I think I may seek out some Ultrasound to free up the ankle and get it healing quicker. Even before the accident I’ve wanted to have a big year (2013) next year as 2014 is going to full of big birthdays for a few of my family. Now will begin the slow progres to getting fit, proper fit as the first big objective of next year will be Flanders.


. . . oh the music, well I love this track and it’ll remind me to listen to my body and to the experts in the hospital. 


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