16 Days

So it’s sixteen days since I damaged my ankle and today it rained. I’ve probably never been so happy to see it as it made me stop lusting after the time I could spend getting lost in the rolling lanes of West Sussex and Hampshire.

For the two weeks prior to today we seem to have had a period of blue skies, crisp fresh mornings which are just some of my favourite conditions for long periods in the saddle. Frankly it’s been really difficult to not try to ride my bike and get out there, even if I had to use flat pedals to do it. I’ve resisted and I am hoping that by being sensible I will have allowed my ankle to heal as much as it can, before I go crazy.

Watching the Worlds Road Race today was tough as all I could think about was riding those roads. Flanders, Wallonia, the Netherlands, the Alps and the Dolomites are going to be the places I will aim to ride next year. These will be my monuments to a fitness goal, I need my cycling legs and fitness back. I may be a little grumpy until I’m ready to start that journey again.

So hopefully in another sixteen days my story will be that I am back on my bike, I’ll report back then. 


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