Fluro Solstice cometh

This week the mornings had a little bit of Autumnal chill about them, while the afternoon’s have been a little warmer overall. It’s the time of year where warmers come in useful to keep those legs and arms a bit more comfortable. But because I can feel the chill in the air it sets my brain towards the middle of Autumn (Fall) and the gateway to winter.


I’ve already purchased some Slipstreams and Dura Gloves from DeFeet in preparation for the Fall. But what about the next chapter, when the weather gets colder or wetter. What options will I have to get the Fluroness up?



I got sent in the Spring by those very nice folks at Sportful a Fiandre No Rain Light Jacket. In their blurb on the product it says wear it like a jersey, protection like a jacket. As we’ve had pretty crappy weather this year I’ve already worn this far more than I would have initially expected. It’s a fantastic piece which really transcends those days for when a Jersey doesn’t provide enough protection, and when a Full on Winter piece would just be a huge amount of overkill. The front of the body and sleeves receive Gore’s Windstopper fabric/membrane to offer the best wind resistance combined with some more than ample water protection on the front. The back uses a thermostretch style fabric to give warmth and improved breathability. This Jacket is going to get used a lot. I went for the Fluro option and due to the multi use and cut of the fabrics I will be able to extend the periods of use due to the base layer garment used underneath. It’s a must have piece, which for me will encourage me to buy it’s bigger brother for the truly shitty, cold days where I am looking for the best overall protection but with a Fluro twist, so the No Rain Jacket is on my list.




The full on late Fall/Winter piece is heavier in weight and uses Windstopper on the front and No Rain on the back. In this way you get the best combination of fabrics to offer the correct protection due to using a body mapping principals. The tail on that jacket is longer, so if you do get caught out in the rain it should help with protecting you from water spray, hence the No Rain on the back. If you find waterproof jackets too hot, and never set off when it’s raining this maybe ‘THE’ winter jacket for you. As the jacket has some press studs on the bottom you can store the long flap out of the way until required, or just leave it long and low.




So what about Overshoes and Gloves for Winter then if you’re looking to keep the Fluro theme going over the dark months that lie ahead. Gore Bike Wear seem to have a good offereing in this arena.The Windstopper fabric (as discussed on the blog before) is ‘technically’ waterproof as the water column inches you can put on top of this fabric outstrips many waterproof jackets on the market. Because Gore have super high standards this isn’t enough and they only pass their own waterproof test once these garments have gone through the black triangle test. Due to the fact that the garment isn’t taped across the seems (where it has been stiched together) it would fail. The same principal applies to the Gloves from Gore Power looking like the best option for me personally.



 Castelli have long offered a lot of Fluro pieces both in the Summer and Winter ranges of garments. The most striking of which has to go to the Mortirolo Jacket in the Fluro Camo option. While for many this will not see their box ticked, I really like it as it’s a bit different from the run of the mill stuff out there. If you’ve used their jackets before the Mortirolo in this colour will offer the same performance which has led this to be one of their best selling jackets. The dual fabric approach has been used here also to offer the protection where needed and increased breathability in the rear. Ventilation zips on the front allow you to dump out extra heat, especially when the hands are on the hoods or the drops as it opens up the vents and allows the airflow to be directed straight towards them. 



I saw this photo on Instagram this morning (below) and in many ways it was a good catalyst to actually writing this piece. As you can see they are all using the really nice Rapha Pro Team Jacket and Overshoes (which look a  lot like DeFeet ones to me), It’s a good look and I like it.


Looking through @cazz_griffin photos on her feed I reckon I’ll end up sporting a similar look this winter, just as they are moving into Summer in Australia. I think it works both on mass (gloves, jacket and overshoes) or in a limited way by throwing in some overshoes, just to add that little bit of pop on a cold morning to attract any passing drivers attention.

It seems that no longer Fluro is Euro, as Fluro is for everybody and all riders. Safety and Style have never been such happy bedfellows. 



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