GreenEdge and three’s the Magic Number

Currently GreenEdge have had the most jersey changes with three this year. Three you say, when only two is allowed by the UCI, well it’s all smoke and mirrors. At the beginning of the year the Team was launched at the Bay Crits and the first jersey was birthed upon the cycling community. 


I felt a little disappointed at this and it reminded me a lot of the Green Cross Code man, I just couldn’t shake that image out of my head.


So the Tour Down Under (such a crap name for a cracking race) and the Team unveiled a new version of the jersey. This time it looked like a more finished version of the one seen a few days before. Santini must love this Team to produce them two sets of Team kit in such short succession. 


It was never going to get into my top ten of this years hot jerseys, but it was much better than the first one. Being a bit of a Stuey fan boy it looked pretty good on him, so I was happy. 

Then it happened – B O O M !!!! The Team won a Monument and took a victory in Milan San Remo. 

They have amazing Team spirit and they seem to be having a great time while racing their bikes. The videos they have posted have been really well put together and fun. It’s great to see the behind the scenes stuff that us fans love continue as the demise of the Cervélo Test Team legacy came to a full stop at the end of last season with Garmin Cervélo decided not to run the program for 2012.

So, to the third jersey, and the new sponsor. The Press release came out on the 1st of May annoucing the new Headline sponsor. This had a small switch on logo placements and Orica name was placed above the Green Edge one.


So we reach three changes, but what is important is that the first wasn’t at a UCI race, so in the eyes of the governing body it didn’t count, so we are back to two. What is strange, or maybe it was just due to the time the announcement was made, we didn’t see a redesign on the jersey. Many Teams wait until the Tour to launch a new jersey, and Orica Green Edge were no different.


I feel it’s taken a few design and colour choices out of the Movistar pencil case, but at first I didn’t like it that much. A few days into the Tour and it’s grown on me, although there does seem to be a lot of Lime Green in this years Tour. Santini must really love them as they’ve had nearly as many costume changes as a Kylie gig.


So good luck to Green Edge, I hope you bag a stage as the Fun and Enjoyment you’ve brought to the Pro Tour is a complete breath of fresh air, thanks chaps. Stay upright, stay safe.


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