Ag2r and panache

In the fashion industry Paris Fashion week is still one of ‘the week’s’ in fashion, as the French designers really get to show their creative flare. Now I know that in many cases Professional Cycling teams have colours thrust upon them, rather than being allowed to design something that will flatter and motivate their riders.

So my bugbear is those Brown Shorts. Frankly whoever thought that having Brown lycra shorts would be a good idea was clearly having an off day. If you look at the other colours in the Team Kit they could have chosen the nice blue which appears on the jersey, or even gone down the FDJ route and gone for white.


But from a aponsors point of view my guess is that they get as many column inches about their shorts as their riding exploits, which for a sponsor is no bad thing as what they are looking for is publicity. 

It’s just for me, they are shattering by illusions on French style, taste and leading the way forward in the world of high fashion. Maybe they need to let Jean Paul Gaultier loose on the next design, how knows what he’d come up with. 


On a sidenote to the colour Ag2r received a new manufacturer for their Team Clothing in the guise of Odlo. If you aren’t into skiing, active underwear (base layer in the UK) you may not know this brand. They are huge in those areas and are making active inroads into the cycling market. Having taken a good look at their kit it is certainly a good improvement on their previous kit offering a good short with a supportive pad and the jersey material is very soft and breathable. Take a look at their website to get the lowdown on them. And come winter if you’re looking for some good Base Layers you should take a look, although a little more expensive than some the quality of fabric and cut is some of the best I’ve used and seen.



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