I blame it on the Kids

I love my Road bikes, and when I remember to pull it out my Cyclocross bike also. So where on earth has my recent chatter of 29er’s come from then. My Kids really. Currently none of them have a Road bike, although that is likely to change as they have asked. So why a 29er for me, why not just referb my Jones (no, not the American Jones) bike and get it up and running.

Well the Jones is Old School, and I mean Old Skool. I think it was made around 2000, maybe ’01 at a push. It’s got Vee Brakes and a short travel fork (although you could get a 2.3 tyre out back). In one ouse move it ended up being left outside and being a Steel machine it didn’t fair too well and theirs lots of it which need a lot of love. Since last riding it properly it doesn’t fit anymore, weird as I was a fully grown adult when i had it made, so what changed. Being treated for a car injury left me a lot straighter, so requiring a bigger/longer bike. Nineteen inch frames worked fine in the 90’s but now I’ll need something a little longer, seat tubes aren’t that relevant really in the grand scheme of things.

I like the way that the CX wheel roll and can only think that the 29er version will be even better on the trails around here and across the South Downs. It will mean that I have a bike to ride with the family, and also with my friends (some who have 29er’s already). I’ve always enjoyed all bikes, and when pushed for time hitting the dirty stuff can release a different set of freedom buttons compared to the Road bike.

So my quest begins, what to look at.

The Singular Swift is a fine looking machine and from as long as I can remember Sam has been a Champion of the 29er bike. My friend John McFaul has one, sings it’s praises and that always is the finest of recommendations that you can get.


Of course, there’s always others, so what else.


The Kinesis FF29 is a very different beast to the Singular, and I’m unsure if it’s what I need, or if it’s exactly what I need. I suppose in the back of my head I have noddy rides in my head so it needs to be capeable of dealing with riding 12 hour enduro races as much as a two hour blast in the woods. I am realistic in that I’ll always do more of the latter than former, but I can easily see myself getting talked into doing a few with friends (Adrian, no doubt).

So other than that I kind of like the Giant XtC bike which certainly hits the spot price wise, and many people say they ride pretty well.


In many ways this is the real easy option as my knowledge of Forks, Wheels, Groupsets etc is well, very out dated indeed. But the problem is even on the small budget I’m going to find it hard not to want to spec it up myself, and frankly that is a fun process in itself. So I’m going to have to do some figures and put some real thought process behind it all.

So if anyone reading owns a 29er, has some good solid advice and opinions I’d appreciate the feedback as there’s so much to consider like wheels, tyres and forks. Cheers, and thanks for reading if you especially only ride Road bikes ~ Rich. 


2 thoughts on “I blame it on the Kids

  1. Hey Rich, Great post. I have really loved my 29er. Been blown away by it. I assume you are think geared 29er. I have a single speed and love it but gears may come in handy if you have a lot of fire road and climbing etc. Not sure what the terrain you ride is like but I really think a 29er hard tail is the perfect mountain bike. I would go Stan’s wheels or at least Stan’s rims and do tubeless. Other than the 29er aspect nothing has made mtn biking better than tubeless tires. I like the Rock Shox Reba fork a lot. And these weird Ritchey bars we are running actually are super comfortable. Shimano may be the best bet group wise. XT is perfect. But SRAM is nice as wellA lot of people back here in the States like Niner bikes, I obviously prefer the handmade bikes but its mostly cause I have so many friends who build bikes. I hear Ridley makes a 29er that would be pretty crazy. Albeit probably pretty pricey as well

  2. Interesting post Rich, I’ve been pondering 29ers too for the same reasons largely. I’ll be interested to see what you decide to do.

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