Things to give you hope and smile, Portland.

I am yet to make a visit to Portland, but from the outside I can see why it is perceived as cool. When you see restaurants like this one called  Portobello which is a Vegan place (don’t knock it folks, some of the most amazing <and worst> food has been Vegan) also have an active cycling team, it just makes you think something is right with the world.

Taken from their Team site I like their statement

Portobello Bicycle Racing was created to promote a fun and supportive atmosphere for amateur racers and their development in the sport. Portobello desires to create a strong, cohesive team with a focus on fun, training and racing.”

It sounds like a simple and inclusive idea, but it seems that the Portland area oozes this with abundance. So often I see Teams in the UK that remove the fun element from riding in a Team/Club, well for me you can train hard and have fun. There’s plenty of folks I know that retain a good balance, I just wish there was more.

Back to Portland: I like shops like A Better Cycle, passionate and with the spirit of  “bikes are awesome, lets go out and ride!” things like that make you want to visit. Don’t get me wrong I love minimalist bike studios like Portland Bicycle Studio which encapsulates lots I like about clean nice relaxing retail.


Copyright All rights reserved by MollyCameron

It looks like a lovely place (PBS), full of nice bikes and run by Molly dishing out the passion. There just seems to be so much going on with Teams like Veloshop and companies like Rapha and Castelli (the CX suit was born from the US office, having worked with local riders like Molly) having bases there and great writers like Heidi Swift. Considering it doesn’t have the ‘perfect‘ climate it has become a mecca for cycling. I feel I’ve a bromance coming on for the place.


Copyright All rights reserved by heidi.swift

So what am I trying to say? Well if a city area like Portland can fall in love with cycling in such a big way that it’s ripples can be felt all over the world, it is truly something to aspire to. Looking at the climate you can see why CX is popular, and there is a huge passion for the pavé (it looks a lot like Northern Belgium). I’m not looking to move, but to capture that spirit, bottle it up and allow everybody a chance to drink of that nectar. The more people on bikes, well the more hope I have for the human race as a whole, and in reality it changes everything. Bikes can be so many things to so many people, but the challenging task that lays ahead is to be able to embrace it for whatever their needs may be.


Copyright All rights reserved by MollyCameron


Portland Bicyle Businesses:

Portland Bicycle Studio

River City Bicycles

Chris King

Portland Design Works

more bike shops here

and there’s a whole host of frame builders who call Portland home:


Ira Ryan

Pereira Cycles

and I’m sure there’s a whole host of companies I’ve missed off that call it home, truly amazing.




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