Bioracer Neoprene Overshoes


I don’t normally post many comments after a first ride, but I’m so impressed with these I’m going to.

Construction is unusual as there is no entry at the back with either zips or velcro. You have to pop these on like a pair of socks. Once in place then pop on your shoe & fit the overshoe in place. This insures a really good close fit.

The material is a 4mm super soft stretchy neoprene which has a protection area were it would come in contact with the pedal. Both the heel & toe area have a reinforced areas which should prolong the life of the product. The only piece of velcro is underneath to hold it together once in place.

There is a clever thin piece of neoprene around the cuff which helps create a seal to stop the water running down. The thicker 4mm neoprene covers the thinner one. I’m yet to try this in practice but the theory is sound.

What was incredibly impressive about these overshoes was how warm they kept my feet. It was pretty cold yesterday, around the 1*C mark (+ windchill), but never once did my feet feel cold. I was out for 2 1/2 hours, and could have happily stayed out for longer.

Price is still to be confirmed, but all in all this is looking like it could be a great product for cold & wet days , and especially if you suffer from cold feet.

Apologies for the not so great images.


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