This Week in my Cycling

/// Short week on the bike with only three days on the bike. I was hoping to do five on the trot as I knew they’d be no riding this weekend due to the fact I’m off to a trade show at 6am on Sunday morning!

So just under 150km this week and my legs felt like crap this morning. The road seems a long way back at the moment, but I reckon the cold that I experienced last night probably did my muscles no good, ah well, I suppose it’s good for me in one way.

So I bought some wheels this week. We happened to be out of stock of the lovely Hope hoops I was looking at so I needed something different. Seeing what we had in stock I decided to try something different and something that would work on all my bikes. I plumped for a pair of Fulcrum Racing 3 (tubeless) wheels. As they are made by Campag they should be really solid and after one ride I’m pretty happy with the purchase. Time and riding for fun will give me a better feedback on how they will perform, commuting gives a degree of feedback but loaded up with a backpack it’s not the same.

So hopefully another 3/4 days riding into work with a much needed weekend Soul Ride. Thanks for reading. /// 


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