Redemption Through Suffering leads to Joy

Eddy had been put into the hurt locker that day, but through his Suffering came great Joy as he went on to win that year’s race. José Manuel Fuente rode with a driving energy to try and bridge the massive gap to try to take the Giro. Pure Suffering that in the end did not produce the joy he was looking for, to reduce the time gap on the leaders. He would go on to finish 5th, nobody remembers fifth, but everyone remembers this day because it has been imortalised for ever in ‘The Greatest Show on Earth’. 

My redemptive state has started with the Rapha Festive 500. I failed, but I’d rather fail than never try at all. I’ve yet to plan my goals for 2012, but after reading Rob Lee’s blog this morning the heed of note I am taking is be realistic. Rob’s a nice guy, not one I know well, but what I do know is he is a master of suffering, mainly because he has an amazing capicity to go deper than most, but unlike many is hugely realistic about what he can achieve, which truly is an awesome combination.

I’ll never be an Eddy Merckx, or for that matter a Rob Lee, but I can be a better Rich Land. And at the end of the day for wherever we draw inspiration that’s really what we are loking to be. I always think that NYE is a funny marker point, but a marker point it is. So once I’ve sat down and been realistic I’ll endeavour towards that goal.

What will you decide?



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