Search for the Unicorn – Winter Bike Puzzle – Part 3

I’ve been looking at a few more frames in the evening seeing what’s around. Recently it’s the Tifosi CK7 that has had me scratching my head. Looking at the geometry chart it shouldn’t work looking at the Top Tube measurement. But having got the wheelbase and front to centre measurement it looks like that it could work. So I’m intrigued to be honest.


Geometry is a funny thing. I thought I knew a lot and now I feel I only really understand a little and I’ve loads to learn. Having talked to Mike at Chickens I’m really tempted to give this a go at somepoint as he’s a similar height to me and is riding the Large size frame which would be the one I’d go for. So what about a fork then. Deda make the excellent Black Rain which is basically a Force fork which is slightly longer and has the correct tabs for a full length guard. You’ve Condor Cycles to thank for the creation of this fork as they originally requested it for their excellent Fratello Audax bike, as Italians just don’t ride (or normally build) this kind of machine. Weight wise it’s a beast at 650g with an uncut steerer.

I was hoping that the current en vogue carbon builders Enve might make one, but their site indicates otherwise. I’ve seen Wound Up forks used on the Hampsten bikes so there is an option there, albeit not a cheap one (it’d cost nearly $500), but one that should hopefully drop the weight below the 650g mark of the Deda fork. I mentioned before that I’d had a Isaac Audax fork on the Ridgeback, but having a quick scan on their site nothing was found. Remembering that it had been brought to life by RBS (UK wing of the original Principia) I checked the new Principia website and then drew up a blank. But to be fair that original fork was a long time ago, maybe 2003/4. Google searches didn’t throw up much I didn’t know about. It’s a shame Alpha Q is no longer producing as they did make one, although I can’t remember the exact dimensions.


Looking around there seem to be some solutions for a lighter weight fork, but they are not easy to get hold of, which is a shame. Further searching around led me to Seven Cycles, master builders in Ti and Steel. Take a look at the fork on Café Racer.


Which then led me to the Resolute SLX.


Which just looks damn pretty, and would look great with the fork from the Café Racer on it. Even though I’d ruled Steel out, it’s back in and not just because of this horny looking bike (© John Galloway) but because I’ve logged some kilometres on the Surly this week. It really brought home the comfort of steel, and frankly the Surly is a beast, but a nice one at that. I must admit though when the end of the rainbow is reached (money saved, that little pot of gold) it might seem a little perverse that my first Seven/Moots/Crisp might be an Audax/Winter bike.

So where does that leave me, well I’m not exactly sure. Part of me wants to try the CK7 out, but I am left wondering if the heavier forks will leave it lacking compared to the old Isaac fork I had on the Ridgeback. I was just about to be resigned to the fact that I would have to settle for a 650g fork and I remembered that Enigma make Audax style bikes, and low and behold their own branded fork comes in at 520g,a whopping 130g off the weight and cheaper. I’m trying to understand the negatives here and I hope that there aren’t any. Further searching led me ironically back to Kinesis with their DC07 fork, another lightweight at 550g and for the same cash as the Enigma. So there are some choices and I think the only way I am going to be able to answer these questions will be to buy an alloy frame next year, I’m still not 100% sure which one, which indeed is the question!

I’ll keep you posted on any further developments, untill then I won’t be posting any more on the search for the Unicorn.


One thought on “Search for the Unicorn – Winter Bike Puzzle – Part 3

  1. A titanium Seven stops my heart for a second. When I’m old and rich and can’t ride mountain bikes anymore, I’ll want one of these.

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