The Shower

At this time of the year it’s normal for the weather to be a little cooler. This year it’s been pretty mild and from memory it’s similar to about 4 years ago. I remember riding to the Cycleshow feeling like we’d had an extension to Summer and when Winter came it was dry, and bitter cold.


image belongs to Jered Gruber and used with kind permission

On those days when the wind chills you to your bone, there is nothng so wonderful to stand under the shower letting it’s healing warm pulsing jets slowly bring back to life my tired body. But not every ride produces that catatonic state. It can only be brought about by a hard effort, a long period in the saddle and the chery on top being either too little food, or the elements turning the screw a little bit more. Somedays, you get all of these, and more, maybe a dreaded puncture that forces you to expose your hands to the cold, wet and gravel that puts small tares into your fingers.

A hot sweet tea, follwed by that time in the shower brings you back, restores you. Wrinkled, warm and feeling human again, a warm towel becomes your shrowd. We haven’t had a day like that this year, and oh how I have missed them. Mother Nature, flip the switch to Epic please, my Soul needs feeding. 


One thought on “The Shower

  1. I think the switch is being flipped to epic as we speak, winds gusting up to 80mph tonight will make for some pretty serious conditions tomorrow morning for anyone mad enough to get out and ride.

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