My (Current) Obsession – DeRosa Corum

The DeRosa Corum is my curent obsession, although to be really truthful I’ve lusted after one for some years. Looking back I’m not exactly sure why I have avoided buying it. It’s funny I’ve been talking a lot to friends about what there next bike will, and while lots of them are talking about buying plastic (ergh Carbon) while I’m having a bit of a lust for metal bikes, with steel then Ti being on top of that list.


I was taking again back to a site which has promoted the use of steel over more ‘modern, exotic’ materials and favours steel. The Men of Steel site does this and more. Promoting local races and from what I’ve read on the site a general sense of fun that is so missing from many cycling clubs. Take a look, spend some time and be inspired.

So Back to the Corum. It’s a Tig welded steel bike with an undefined tubeset. Previously this has come from Dedaccia, but I’m sure equally it could be Columbus these days as they have been creating some really nice tubesets. All I know is that on DeRosa’s site it’s listed as being ’18MCDV6 alloy steel’ which might narrow it down, but it’s not the real reason I hanker after one.

I’m led to believe that they are actually still built at the DeRosa factory. Not to be just content with that fact but a DeRosa family member makes these, along with the Titanium bikes. If half true, I’d be happy. I like the fact it’s a ride people always want, but with a modern twist on it. I like the fact it has a carbon fork and I’m 50/50 on the integrated headset, I’d prefer a Chris King in an ideal world, because they are the best (I’m not even getting into an argument about this one!).

So what’s stopping me, well geometry shouldn’t be an issue with 30 possible options to choose from. But my decision making may end up being on how flexible they are on paint choices as I’ve got a couple of ideas on how I’d like it to look, and if I can get them to do a BSA bottom bracket we may be rocking.


apparently the top picture is a 57cm regular geometry frame, looks lovely. 



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