Where does inspiration come from? It’s often a question I ask myself as I know I’ve neglected my blog over the last few months. From a start point I’d never have started to write without it, and the three writers who I have name checked before are Bill Strickland and the Belgium Knee Warmers duo of Radio Freddy (still don’t know his real name) and Padraig (known to us all now as Patrick Brady of Red Kite Prayer)


I even thought about trying to be overtly cool and have a secret identity, my own nom de plume, but again I decided after a short period that I’d just be me.This has made things interesting at times as I am writing about something which traverses between my passion to my job and back again. Hindsights a great thing and if I ever did another site maybe I would choose to do so under a nom de plum so I could write with total abandonment. 

Life in itself provides lots of inspiration to write. I enjoy the process of testing stuff and reviewing it so others can use my little contriutions to help guide them through the massive product maze that now exists in the cycling world. As cycling has become more mainstream (and for the record I love that) it has forced all manufacturers to up their game to produce amazing quality for frankly not a lot of cash.

Nature can provide it also, with swooping vistas and amazing natural scapes that transfer you to a special place. Things that you can’t help but share, and now with the advent of social media (and smart phones) it’s a lot easier and quicker to do than ever before.

The thrill of the ride is truly an awesome inspirational moment, a one I try to share with friends when I introduce them to the rolling like Flemish Lanes coupled with the Berg like steep climbs, of course minus the pavé, of my local area. Well that’s how I see my rides in (my head at least) the area where I live is a great place to ride and I feel spoilt by its natural beauty. 


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