Manual for Speed

For those who follow me on Twitter this isn’t something new as you’ll have seen me tweet & retweet some of their stuff.

The site gives access to some of the most beautiful races and although I am unsure to the connection with the Castelli brand, it has given them access to some great athletes in fantastic locations.

I asked the guys on MFS for a Flanders desk top download and these are the images I really enjoy. I’ll try to explain why they capture Flanders for me.


#1 the Peloton rolling through on the pavé. I like the low strung angle of the shot. It must be still early in the race before the decisive moves have been made. The grey haze is a clue as Flanders can have the dullest of mornings yet the most resplendent of afternoons.



#2 The waiting. Riding through those tunnels on the randonnée is pretty mind blowing knowing the Pro’s will ride over them in 24 hours. The sound of the cheering make you believe just for a second that you could be a contender.



#3 Much the same as the first image, but from a different location. I love the urgency, with the group a little more strung out.



#4 The World Champ at a pavéd classic. I really like the contrast between the ultra modern Cervélo & the Giant. Maybe it’s due to the difference in the way the wheels look that makes the Cervélo, with its deep section Mavics, look more modern compared to the Giant with it’s shallow section wheels. But that Rainbow jersey still holds me transfixed and nowhere more so than over the Bergs and Pavé.


With each passing over the Stones your body records each vibration as a memory , and maybe helps recall each gradient, turn and feeling the wind on your cheek.

If you haven’t visited I suggest you do, it has some beautiful pictures that manage to convey our brutal yet beautiful sport.


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