Sidi and Tyler

This is hardly earth shattering news but Sidi

 make the finest cycling shoes in the world, period. The quality of workmanship is truly second to none. There aren't many brands out there which can last as long, are still made in the country of origin and are still made by hand. Compared to many brands Sidi are a steal. Forget concentrating on the Ergo 2 (and the soon to be realised 3) and the 6.6 as their lower priced shoes still offer many of the attributes that have made the brand the go to brand for Pro and wanna be Pro's the world over.

The quality of the lorica, the thought process in how the sole is made and the countless hundreds of small details that keep them ahead of the game are the things that set them apart. Many Pro's have their own personal last made for them. Why, well as a manufacturer whose history is rooted in shoe making they know that the small details make a huge difference to the riders when riding in long races which extend to 200km and beyond.

Tyler used to be on Lake shoes until recently (the CX401, a shoe I like very much) and as he has a high instep so the Boa System adapted perfectly to the shape of his feet. I'm not sure why he changed brands, and I wouldn't be surprised if he's buying his Sidi's, but please Sidi can you make him a custom pair and help him deal with the high instep, either that or produce a longer strap so that he's got more than two clicks in the buckle, he may just win a few more sprints if he does.



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