Time Bandits


The tan lines a cyclist are the visual reminder that you are a Time Bandit. The hours it takes to develop these require lots of kilometres on the bike, you can’t develop that kind of uneven colour sitting in your garden or on a beach. I have some friends that have cultivated a permanent one that lasts year round.

The other part of being a Time Bandit myself is that I have to steal time from my family & friends. Like most fathers riding normally is a charge of the (early) light brigade. Those 3-4 hour rides are easier to negotiate when you’ll be back by 10:30am. As a parent it’s all about balance as you always need to be you, but you also need to be their Dad or husband.

Maybe now when those tan line days come I cherish them even more, because I realise how much time has been stolen to get them.


One thought on “Time Bandits

  1. Time bandits? great way to call them. You’re right! They symbolise how much time one spends on bikes. I call mine silly tans as they look really silly on the annual trips to the beach when the family visits my parents – Quite proud of them. No amount of tanning on the beach is getting rid of them either.

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