The Smile List – May

Being busy I forgot to run through the smile list for May. So I’m quizzing my memory banks to what made me smile (as it’s near the end of June as I write it), so here’s my list. What made you smile 🙂

First off it has to go to the weather. All cyclists are slightly obsessed with it as it governs everything we do. Be that clothing choice, bike choice or route, the weather plays a major factor in these decisions. May was very kind to the South Coast offering days and days of great riding weather. It’s made me smile loads, which is always a good thing.

I had a pair of Northwave Evo’s sent to me for test – wow what a shoe. I’ll do a full on review soon (promise) but I’m so impressed with this next generation of their Road shoes. I’m a fan, and there’s no hiding that, but in some ways it makes it harder for them to impress me. If your in the market for a top end shoe with bags of comfort and plenty stiff enough for the Worlds best (Gilbert and Cancellara are using them), take a look.


A product I’ve used loads and loads is the Sportique Century Ride Cream. I like it because the formula is designed for Long distance, and if the the ride is an hour long you can use a tiny amount as a barrier for those kind of rides. Using other creams on long rides has left me less than satisfied, and had me reaching again for the tube. Previously it was only available in a 180ml size, great for home use but crap if you are travelling on a plain and you’re taking your kit on as hand luggage. So I bought the 100ml size for this purpose knowing I’d get it passed passport control. It’s only available from at the moment but I’d recommend you to hunt it down. A final word I prefer tubes over the tubs, if over to avoid a ‘double dipping’ scenario. You want your cream to be kept clean and uncontaminated, otherwise it really defys the point, 


Riding with my family. As much as I like riding on my own, or with friends it’s only in the last year or so we’ve ridden together. It’s difficult as a father to how much you push your kids, especially when it’s something that means so much to me personally. So we’ve had some great family rides in May, one of the best taking in some proper fire roads, rocky South Downs style. I was so impressed with the kids as they took to it really well, if not with a few struggles. Can’t wait to do some more.




2 thoughts on “The Smile List – May

  1. Howdy: Try as I might, I can’t seem to find a follow-up review for the Northwave Evolutions, although reading current and past posts looking for it has been a pleasure. You have a good thing going here. Keep up the good work!But I digress. I have a question I hope you can answer. I have a pair of Aerlite S.B.S shoes that I love that I use for ‘cross, and was thinking of getting a road version. I am torn between another pair of Aerlites or the more stripped-down Evolutions. Did you find they fit the same, or are the Evolutions a bit more narrow and lower volume? I enjoy wide fit of the Aerlites.Thanks for any insight you can provide.

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