Barry Mason – RIP Really sad news at the death of Barry Mason. I remember fitting him to his Condor bicycle, his first new bicycle in many years. He was shocked I knew who he was, because Barry was really famous you see, not ‘Hello’ fame, but actually famous (among cyclists at least) for actually doing something.

He was someone who helped change & define cycling in SE1 & beyond. I always remember customers speaking highly of him & his organised rides, the two most famous being the Christmas day & the legendary DUNWICH DYNAMO. Yes without his passion, and that of his team this ride would have never progressed from being a crazy Friday night feat by a bunch of couriers leaving the Duke to the iconic ‘must do’ ride that it now is for many cyclists.

I didn’t know Barry well and all, just having a few meetings with him over his bike, and then afterwards when he popped into the shop. His energy and love for cycling was there with every meeting, and you can’t help to hope that a bit of that rubbed off on all people he met. Your legacy & passion are the 1000,s of new cyclists that crisscross London under a more connected system. It’s not perfect, but thankfully he was there campaigning for us all when most of us wouldn’t have a clue where to start. Thank you Barry, I remember that fitting session well, RIP.


2 thoughts on “Barry Mason – RIP

  1. HiI am Barry’s sister, and will miss him very much so. I thought your write up was so lovely. Thank you for remembering him x

  2. Thank you Lynn for getting in touch. I didn’t know Barry very well but he seemed to love life and was a great advocate for cycling. I’m sure you miss him greatly. Peace to you all.

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