Gravel, Dirt and Sand

<p>Gravel, Dirt, Sand, Miles, Fun. from XXC Magazine on Vimeo.</p>

Over recent years there has been a real interest in riding gravel roads, be it on a Road, CX or MTB. It’s a cross roads where all bicycles can collide. Although I love pavé and it will be a life long passion on riding and mastering the stuff, the advantage that gravel has it is more available. Not more than 3-4 miles from my house I can find some from my door. On these local sections you will find familes, weekend groups and ‘serious’ cyclists alike. 

I think part of the draw is that normally these roads are free, if not totally empty roads which seem to be not attractive to most car users. For the road rider it provides a more engaging ride, feeling a little more connected to the outside. A billard table smooth road, although fun, can remove you from the feeling of what’s going on with the only thrill left being speed. Which let’s face it is no bad bi-product. For the MTB rider it provides a sedate ride, perfect for just chilling out on the bike.

If you’ve never tried a gravel road, please do, it’s the gateway to a more varied and interesting world.


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