SMP Saddle Test ~ Evolution


The SMP range of saddles is completely dedicated to the pressure relief of the user. It looks kind of cool but weird at the same time, partly due to the fact we are not used to seeing that shape. The dramatic swooping nose has a dual benefit, one being that while riding on the rivett you are not compressing the genitals. The other, much in the same way as the Curly Hetchins or a GT mountain bike, negates the need for any branding to identify the product. The concept of allowing the rider to sit through the sit bones is nothing new, Brooks moulding leather saddles allow this to some degree. What is new is to droop the nose to releave frontal pressure. Initial set up is easy as I followed the instructions and pulled out my trusty spirit level (a bargain purchase at £1). I set the saddle in the same set back as usual. A 50 minute session on the rollers allowed some feterling time to dial the saddles position in. Once this was done I knew that I would be ready for the ride on the open roads the following day. So does it work, Yes is the answer, but there’s a but. I found the model I chose to be a little narrow for me, and the next size is a little too wide. I think that I could use the reduced width option for shorter rides but for long days in the saddle it wouldn’t offer the support I would look for across the sit bones. The pressure relief works, and although I don’t experience problems with a regular saddle I have to say that I did noticed the difference between the non SMP and the Evolution model tested. Cost, well I think they are expensive, although well made. I’ve tried pressure relief saddles from most manufacturers over the years and in my books only Specialized and SMP work, but of course we are all different.

Images used from the SMP site.


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