Bell Helmets, next generation

 So the current rumour is that Bell will release a new higher end model to replace the Volt at the top of the tree. So if you see the sponsored Teams on something slightly different, that’s what it’ll be.


The thing is the Volt isn’t a bad helmet, it’s actually really fantastic and is my preferred go to melon saver. I like the comfort and the retention is so good with it’s single handed on the fly adjustment. So if it’s so good, what can be improved. Weight has to be top of the list as it’s a little portly compared to the current crop of helmets that have come out over the last two years. Also compared to it’s sister brand Giro, Bell helmets have always been lacking in the ventilation department. So these would be the obvious areas for improvement. Compared to other players in the market place like Specialized who have not just looked at weight, ventilation but the new Holy Grail is the arena of aerodynamics. As Bell make one of the best TT lids I hope that this is an avenue they explore as Bell deserves to be on more heads than it currently is, as the Grand Daddy of the cycling helmet business I am sure that they will be able to teach the young pups a thing or two.



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