Paris Roubaix Sportive


TDW Sport

There has been a Sportive run over the course every two years, but unlike the Ronde van Vlaanderen it isn’t run off the day before but takes place in June. So although it’s been a long time in coming the ASO has finally put together a course which will take in parts of the route. At a 162 km in length and featuring 18 pave sectors it will remain a challenge for even the toughest of riders, what the French refer to as Flahutes (the Ferench version of Flandriens), the tough men who thrive in adverse conditions which usually include pave.


TDW Sport

I’ve just been looking at the costs and it ain’t going to be a cheap weekend, unlike Flanders which can be done for not a lot of cash in the grand scheme of things. So pricing for an entry form option doesn’t look like it will be available, increasingly ASO have made this harder and harder to do on the Tour Etape so I am not surprised. ISo a few Tour operators operators are running package deals, which may solve a few issues in regards of how to deal with the start/finish scenario as the logistics can be a challenge, and frankly do you really want to have to find your way back to your hotel, then deal with cars etc, the mind boggles. As much as I would normally go ‘yeah no worries’ the A to B start finish option compared to the circular route of the Ronde makes it a little harder.


TDW Sport

Is this now on the cards, well for various reasons I’ve missed the chance to do the last two versions in June (accidents, work, you know real life stuff), so the draw is pretty big for me. I made the decision that after this years Flanders I wouldn’t be back next year. So this could be my Spring challenge, if not I have a few other options, which may happen even if I do Roubaix.



So it’s time to really think about this, and if I’m going to do it I better get some serious training in. Then there will be no doubt a lot of lammenting on bike and kit (including clothing). For more information see these sites. Prices are ranging from £599-625 and depending on who you go with will depend on your experience.






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