The Rumour Mill ~ Friday

So today on the rumour mill I’ll cover HTC, Team Schleck and other topics.


HTC are rumoured to be swapping bikes, which if true comes as a great surprise to me. I thought that the two companies had a special arrangement. No news if they are switching any other suppliers out as yet. Be intereting to see the squad aboard a different bike. Maybe they will adopt Specialized corporate Red colour (or color for the hardcore Spesh fans)


So onto other bike merry-go-rounds, Katusha will be aboard the Focus brand come Jan 1st. Be intereting to see the bikes at the head of the peloton, rather than at the back which was a far too common site for my liking.

So Ridley are rumoured to be off to the Peagasus Team, although I’ve heard the same about Felt.


Hotly tipped to provide clothing to Team Schleck, Craft now may not be in the running as contracts with a Team remained unsigned after Eurobike. Other than that Rabobank may also be in the running, as Craft currently provide underwear already to the Team.

Fabian Cancellara claims to not know where he will be plying his trade next year. With both Team Lux & BMC tipped to be in the running I suspect that Cancellara is waiting to see how many Rainbow jerseys he bags before putting pen to paper.


Little disappointed not to see Steve Cozza go to a bigger Team. Garmin your a bunch of idiots for letting him go. He busted his balls for you guys this year and this is how you repay him JV. Unless he’s a complete arsehole (I’ve met Cozza once and he doesn’t come across like that at all but a TOP BLOKE) you have made a big mistake. I wish Steve the best for his new Team.


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