Pictures tell a Story ~ Part One ~ Kristof Ramon

It’s all Jon Cannings fault really. He showed me some of Kristof’s work last year and I was blown away by it. I initially thought there was some serious photoshop work going on to make the photos look the way they do. I was wrong, it is a technique with a type of flash, don’t ask me anymore than that. I think with all photographers it is how they use their equipment as well as how they see the subject matter that can transform an image from being blank and lacking feeling to one that captures a subject and evokes passion and emotion.



I got the chance to meet Kristof this year in his home town of Leuven, where he was taking photos at the Brabanste Piij race. What a nice chap, and I can only hope his career goes far, because sometimes the good guys should come first and not last. Many thanks to Kristof for allowing me to use his photos here and elsewhere on my site. That kind gesture is impossible for me to repay and this is my way of saying thanks to him. Enjoy the images as the person who created them enjoys making them, spread some love today.


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