… it’s all in the small details


‘The Saxo Bank riders rode fully equipped with SPORTFUL’s special aero technology clothing during all stages. The  SPORTFUL BodyFit jersey and bibshort not only saves the rider about 12 watts compared to a standard jersey and short, but also new enhanced research in body-temperature management will give the riders an advantage edge on hot mountain stages. The Saxo team will debut la Grand Boucle with a new jersey that is 34 grams lighter with new fabrics and superior wicking and moisture management,  only the colors will stay the same.’ From Sportfuls Blog.

I find that all these small details just add up, and these enable the riders to perform better. Not only do they have real numbers to work with, but getting feedback from Sportful on the riders comments on the kit they just love wearing it. Lets face it, you know what it’s like yourself when you wear clothes that feel right it just makes everything seem better. The Schleck’s have a great chance of one of them getting on the podium (again in Andy’s case), whether it’s the top step we will have to wait at least to the big Mountains before we will really get a proper indication. Frank is probably in better form than Andy, unless he’s been playing his cards really close to his chest.


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