A Repsonse to The Service Course – a blog you should visit


I posted this in repsonse to and Ryan’s post on Friday, April 09, 2010, 10 Things About Paris-Roubaix. If you haven’t read this blog take a look, it’s worth a read and a good daily distraction.

My response:

I’ve been routing for Tyler Farrar all season. I agree with a recent interview that Robbie Mcewan gave. He said that Farrar isn’t a pure sprinter, but that he can see him becoming a great Classic’s rider.
I’d agree, being a pure Sprinter like Cavendish isn’t really his bag. Don’t get me wrong, he’s quick, but he seems to be developing a passion for the Cobbles. I can see him winning de Ronde and maybe Roubaix one day.


Today I think he may bag another top 10 finish, but if it comes down to a bunch sprint he’s got a good a chance as any of the top contendors. Maybe we’ll have a finish like in 1981 when Hinault won the sprint, and nobody was expecting that.


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