It’s Started


What?! Well all the talk of whether you/I/they will do the Etape or the Marmotte. I know I should and I owe it to myself to enter the hurt box for what could be anything up to 12 hours. Man, why do I do this to myself. Still unsure if I’ll make the big Alpine adventure this year, I probably should.


The main issue is this, Paris Roubaix Randonee takes place in June. I missed it in 2008 due to the crash I had in Flanders. It knocked me for six, combined with moving house zero training was done. I decided to not think about it until everyone via email starting asking ‘the question’. To be fair climbs of the Tour de France are going to be a tough task for me, and I can imagine that fitting a triple is a possibilitly.


Nineteen kilometres up the Tourmalet or more than double on the cobbles. I know which I’d prefer but I think the sense of achievement will be the same but for very different reasons. Ok, I have a bit of time to make the ‘grand decsion’ that always has to be answered after ‘the question’.


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